Me in my Studio

This is me working at my bench  in my studio. It is messy and probably not as organized as it should be. My jeweler’s bench was found at a thrift store. It is cluttered with halfway done projects and stuff I’ve collected over the years. One day, I will clean it up and make spaces for all the things in here that I currently keep in boxes and stacked in various places. the cord to my left is for my flexshaft and on my bench you can also see my chasing tools in a little creamer pitcher I made several years ago; flexshaft burrs and tips in the organizer, and a few hammers and tools laying out.

studio2Here is another view that shows my soldering station before I put up the vent hood, along with an assortment of stuff stacked around the sides. The studio is in the basement of our home, which was nicely finished with electrical and lighting that makes the space a much better work area than some of the other houses we looked at before buying this house.